Just a few rules:

1.  By accepting a FREE e-book, you are agreeing to leave a review somewhere (anywhere).  We realize that you may not have a lot of time to review, and have a lot of other commitments, but when you accept a book from us – please try your best to honor your commitment to our authors.  If for some reason you did not like the book you received, or will not be reading/reviewing it right away, please let us know.  We absolutely love feedback and our authors love it, too.

2. When finished with reading and reviewing, please let us know.  A super quick email to: sarahjeancanning [at] gmail [dot] com would be awesome, otherwise we may email you a month or two down the road wondering where your review is.  By accepting one of our author’s books, we just assume that you will be writing a review (can you blame us?).  Our authors also eagerly await your feedback on the book they’ve spent a lot of their time and love on.

3. Please make sure to state in your review that you received it for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.  It’s a legal issue.

4. Please do not sell your e-book copy to others.  Our authors have spent a lot of time working on their book, and making a profit off of their intellectual property is not okay.

5. You may check out no more than two books at one time.  Once you are done reviewing one, you may request another to take its’ place.  No worries, the one you want will still be available when you have finished your review.

6. Have fun reading.

7. Let the story transported you to another place.

8. Forget your worries for a while.