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JanealJaneal Falor is a young adult best selling author of the Mine series and is the owner of Chardonian Press. The knowledge she has gained through these experiences and many others make her qualified to not only help other authors have more time to write, but to help them feel more confident about the direction they are going in.

In addition to being an author, a publisher, and an author’s assistant, she enjoys working in the garden and fencing. She loves to hear from potential clients, readers, or anyone interested in chatting.

Janeal’s Email: janealfalor@gmail.com

Janeal’s Website: janealfalor.com

Chardonian Press: chardonianpress.com


JetFASt PictureSarah Canning is an experienced beta reader and an avid consumer of literature.  She is currently a graduate student at Long Island University and hopes to attain a double Master’s in School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling. Once Sarah graduates from Long Island University, she plans on not only working as a Counselor, but as an Author’s Assistant as well because it is something she loves to do!  Sarah’s attention to detail, organizational skills, and eye for design are among the many attributes she has, which will be beneficial to writers who may need an extra hand, or are new to the business of publishing.

When Sarah is not attending classes or working, she can be found spending time with her husband, reading (of course!), working on graphic design, spending too much time on Pinterest, or catching up on television shows.

*Please check out my read bookshelf on goodreads to see if I’ve read one of your books.  If I have, I would be happy to do a review of it.

Sarah’s Email: sarahjeancanning@gmail.com