What others are saying about us:


Janeal has been a godsend in arranging promotions, helping me find a reasonably priced editor, having t-shirts created and setting up 99designs contests. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Absolutely money well spent.”                   

                                              Chris Fox, Author of No Such Things As Werewolves

..I desperately needed someone to do a beta read of one of my books, and Sarah was great with it. She really went above and beyond, reading through previous books in the series on her own time to prepare for reading a book deeper into the series even though I would have been happy to provide a summary to get her up to date.

First, the duo’s communication was timely, friendly, and clear. They effectively utilized email, Skype, and Google Docs (so that I could add additional questions to the ones I originally sent her if I wanted to). Sarah beta read using the Track Changes feature in Word, which was really great. It was a very thorough job and her feedback was easy to understand. As soon as I finish implementing it, I am going to have a much better book than I started with. I knew the book wasn’t really where I wanted to be, and Sarah quickly honed in on the missing plot elements that I knew were missing but couldn’t quite get a handle on. She also found a number of editing issues (punctuation, missing words) that I didn’t know were missing!

I definitely won’t hesitate to use their services again if I have the need and have the financial resources.

Thanks, Sarah and Janeal!”

                                                      Jill Nojack, Author of the Fae Unbound series

Sarah has been an amazing source of support and encouragement to me as an author, as well as a huge online advocate for my Sunset Rising series. As a beta reader, she has invested a lot of time in my manuscripts and I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate her attention to detail and well thought-out critiques. Sarah is personable, organized and always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. I was very lucky to have met Sarah early in my writing career.” 

                                                 – S.M. McEachern, Author of the Sunset Rising series

I can’t really express how much value I’ve found in hiring Sarah as a virtual assistant.  Sarah herself is highly professional, organized, productive, responsive, and forthright. So far I have not found a task I could ask of her that she does not throw 100% of herself into, nor have I had to wait more than a few hours to hear back from her when I’ve asked a question or requested the launch of a new project. She even replied to my emails while she was on vacation and I had to tell her to ignore me until she got back.

                          – T.E. Hodges, Author of the Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs series